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Artificial Grass provides a long lasting, low maintenance lawn all year round. Our team has been supplying and installing artificial grass domestic and commercial properties in Chester and North Wales for over 13 years. We have seen many developments in artificial lawns over the years and the newest generation of artificial grass often looks good enough to fool us into thinking it’s real.

What is artificial grass and is it suitable for me?

Artificial Grass , Artificial turf or Astro turf as it is sometimes referred to is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like and sometimes feel like natural grass. In the past it was most commonly used in sports arenas and football pitches . However, it is now being used to replace residential lawns providing low maintenance and a great cosmetic appearance all year round.

People often wonder if artificial grass would be suitable for them for example if they have pets. Pets can be messy in the garden at the best of times. With an artificial grass installation and replacing your natural grass you won’t have to worry about dog putting undue wear and tear on your new artificial grass, staining or smells. Artificial grass is permeable so urine drains through the turf and faeces can be easily removed, leaving behind a fresh, undamaged lawn. you can “wash the grass” , just spray down the area at least one time each week with a jet wash or hose pipe, this will ensure that your new artificial lawn stays clean and odour free for a long time.

Quality artificial grass installation in Chester and North Wales

Our supply and installation service for artificial grass lawns is in great demand. All of our lawn installations are carried out by our own fully qualified, trained and experienced artificial grass installers.

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